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The Secret is out!
We have completed the third expansion of our manufacturing plant.

New Finishing Dept.
Our Pharmaceutical Clean Room is now complete.

Our Direction
Our mission is to manufacture for the custom picture framing industry - NOT MASS MERCHANDISING BUSINESS.

Hand detail work in creating a set of milling knives, ensures our mouldings have a consistent size.

Over the years we have had interest in our real estate for expansion of big BUSINESS, government bureaucracy. Guess who won! YOU DID! Because we won, it means better opportunities to server you with American manufactured, Native American Hardwood Mouldings.

TODAY, we have successfully completed the third expansion of our plant. The expansion triples the amount of space dedicated to milling and manufacturing. Numerous new technologies were incorporated into the expansion to ensure we deliver the finest quality, American manufactured mouldings available today.

Setting up moulder to mill moulding.

With the additional space, we are able to expand our selection of woods used to mill our picture frame mouldings. We now stock Basswood, Red Oak, Real Walnut, Real Cherry, Maple, and Ash. We have selected these species for their character and unique beauty.

We use only Select and Better grade lumber to mill our mouldings. This lumber is graded to National Hardwood Lumber Association standards, which require a yield of 91 2/3% or greater, clear of knots. This allows us to manufacture our mouldings without using filler to hide knots or cover finger joints. The result is a clear, natural, hardwood moulding.

We have also installed a NEW Italian Leafing machine to expand our line of traditional gold and silver mouldings.


Our first objective in developing a high quality picture frame moulding is to provide you with a blemish free finish. This means eliminating any small imperfections in the lacquer finishes caused by the small dirt particles settling on the wet lacquers. The expansion of our plant has allowed us to create an area where we can control the airborne dirt that is associated with most manufacturing.

In every plant that I have worked around, and there have been many, the finishing is done in the middle of the open plant where any dust associated with manufacturing drifts through the plant. These small dirt particles embed themselves in wet lacquer, creating imperfections in the finish. The only way to keep these small dirt particles from settling into the finish, is to control all air entering this area.
We have constructed a PHARMACEUTICAL CLEAN ROOM where all the air is filtered to remove any airborne particles. The room is kept under positive pressure to keep any drafts from carrying dust into the room. New spray booths and ventilation remove over spray before it has a chance to settle on the wet lacquers.


Pharmaceutical Clean Room for imperfection free finishes.
Most old finishing material used in the hand rubbed and burnished finishes are no longer available for use in the USA today because of environmental restrictions. This is one of the reasons most moulding manufacturing has moved to the third world countries, where these restrictions do not exist.

Through the use of a pharmaceutical clean air room and the mechanized process of manufacturing, we have created a better finish than the old manufacturing way of producing fine finished mouldings at a very competitive price.

Our second objective was to develop a finish that will not chip, crack or turn milkey in the cutting and assembling process of your frame. We have been actively working with chemists for the past six years to create a lacquer that is more durable than finishes of the past.

Our third objective was to create a finish that reproduces the old world, hand rubbed, deep luster finish, through a mechanized process.

This was a real challenge, but through years of work we have achieved it. This new technology created a clear finish that lets the beauty of fine woods radiate through the finish. I believe it's a very big improvement over the old technology. The character and definition of solid real wood radiate through the finish to create lasting beauty.

- Bob Victor, Sr.
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