Mission Statement

Why Bob Victor’s

Bob Victor’s commitment is to manufacture the finest Solid American Hardwood Mouldings from hand selected American Hardwood with real wood finishes.

  • Our staff has combined experience of over 60 years of manufacturing of real wood mouldings
  • Bob Victor’s manufacture over 500 different patterns on Real Walnut, Real Cherry, American Ash, American Basswood, American Maple, and American Pines
  • Our finishes are transparent that lets the Beauty, Character, and Lets the Integrity of the Fine American Hardwood to Radiate.
  • We lead the way over 15 years ago with Environmentally Safe finishes.  There is not a single component that come to us with a hazardous label on the component in our finishing process
  • Consider the differences,  Our Mouldings are Real Solid Wood

  • Compare the differences, NO- finger-jointed, or laminated woods

  • Compare our mouldings,  NO GESSO to chip, crack or pop off

  • All of our Mouldings are Real Solid Verified Sustainable American Hardwoods, Made in USA

  • We offer both Length or Chop of American Mouldings

We are conveniently located in Mid America where we can deliver most orders by ground coast to coast in 4 days or less at fair prices.

Order up to 6 free picture frame moulding corner samples of your choice!

We are also a Full Line Distributor of:

Mighty Mounts - Frame the unusual easily

Manufacturer of:
Carefully Selected
American Solid Hardwood
Picture Frame Mouldings

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