February 2011

Mighty Mounts
Topeka, Kansas

Bob Victor of  Mighty Mounts Co. announced that the 2012 edition of the Easy to build “OBJECT FRAMING” is now ready.  The Easy to Build Object Framing book was written by Don Bowen CPF.  Don has given many illustrations and ideas on how to build shadow box frames.   By following Don’s illustrations a shadow box frame can be easily created.  The shadow box frame is the best way to preserve and enjoy family memorabilia.

There are many illustrations and ideas how to combine mouldings, liners or mats to frame these collectable objects quickly and easily.  It shows how to mount objects with “Mighty Mounts” like Knives, Guns, Coins, Sand Paintings, Stamps, Antique Silverware, and Plates, just to mention a few.  Mighty Mounts will mount the object and not damaging the object.  You can open the shadow box and remove the object safely by mounting the object with “Mighty Mounts”.

The shadow box moulding illustrated is easy to create a shadow box.  The scoop liner is finished to match the outside of the frame and is simple to assemble. The scoop liner is designed to hold the glass in place and create a shelf for the background to set on.   Now it’s ready to point in and close the back of the frame.  The faster you can create, assemble, and close the frame the less time it takes to do the job, meaning more profit per job. “Time is money”.

You can order the booklet from your Mighty Mount distributor or direct from Mighty Mounts website. There are examples of shadow boxes and the uses of the Mighty Mounts at  under the tab examples or shadow box contest.  The shadow box mouldings can be seen at

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Bob Victor, President
Mighty Mounts Co.
1100 SE Rice Rd.
Topeka, Kansas 66607 USA


January 2011

We have updated our Online Catalog to make browsing our picture frame mouldings even easier than before!


October 27, 2008

Bob Victors has reintroduced the American Cluster Frame, made in USA on American Hardwoods.

There are 2- profiles Classic in Walnut, Walnut & Gold, Rosewood, Rosewood & Gold Lip, Honey Gold on Ash, & Walnut Stain on Ash, Black, Black with Gold or Silver lip. There will be an Antique Gold or Silver.  The  Contemporary in profile comes in Walnut, Rosewood, Honey Gold on Ash or Walnut on Ash.

The four listed sizes are only examples of size and price, other sizes are available.

For more information call Bob Victors at 1-800-255-0535.

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March 29, 2008

“Black Tuxedo”
Archival Custom Mats

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February 1, 2008

Specials for 2008

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January 29, 2008

Verified Sustainable American Hardwoods

Bob Victor’s announces that all picture frame mouldings they manufacture come only from “Verified Sustainable American Hardwoods”.   A point that must be made about the terms “American Hardwoods”   means hardwood that grows natural in America.    The term “Hardwoods”, hardwoods are not restricted to species like Ash-Oak, Maple, but applies to any tree that drops its leaves is considered to be “HARDWOOD”.  

 All woods Bob Victor’s buys are from wood sources that do not practice clear cutting and purchases timber from regions where the United States Forest Service said the timber is “SUSTAINABLE”.  The United States Forest Service did a 15 year study from 1990 through 2004.  After harvesting timber from the region, the United States Forest Service inventoried and analyzed studies found that the standing timber had grown from 65.1 million acres in 1990 to 65.5 millions acres at the end of 2004. The cutting size of the standing timber had increased from 57% in 1990 to 64% of cutting size in 2004 from the region studied.  The sustainability is based on timber growth versus removal data compiled by the United States Forest Service inventory and analysis program.   They determined that the forest was “SUSTAINABLE”. Their findings confirmed that there were approximately 2.29 new trees being replanted for every tree harvested in the region.  

Victor has listened to customers as they called and asked why is there such a growing amount of moulding being offered with heavy gesso coatings on finger-jointed woods.  Victor has always chosen to use only hardwoods that are native to America.  America is known for the fine quality of our native woods.  Many of our American woods are exported for vendor products because of the high quality of our wood.  

When Bob Victor’s moved into their new plant in 1994 the local government required them to use only water base finishing materials.  This has been a very difficult process because at that time there was not a water base product that would come close to producing  the same look of nitro-cellules (solvent, oil base) finishing process that was environmentally safe.   That is one of the reasons why many manufacturing operations left the country.  Most companies did not want to accept the challenge of the conversion to the new environmentally safe finishing materials.

Victor’s pioneered the development of environmentally safe finishing in the picture frame industry   Today the finish Bob Victor’s has developed  is a finishing process that lets the Beauty, Character, & Integrity of the Fine American Hardwoods  radiate through a 100% environmentally safe finish.  The finishing materials we developed do not have a single ingredient in the formulation that carries a hazards label. Our finishing process is environmentally safe.  This finish is as clear and smooth as glass.  Bob Victor’s has no need to apply gesso on your mouldings before applying Italian gold or silver finishes.    Bob Victor’s mill all of their patterns from “Verified Sustainable American Hardwoods”.   Real wood gives you a true lasting value for your customer.    Why offer only the look of wood when you can offer the Real American Hardwoods for the same price.  

Bob Victor’s has developed an aid to help their customers inform the public that this frame shop offers true “Verified Sustainable American Hardwood frame”.   The attached door decal says that this frame shop is an Authorized Dealer for Verified Sustainable American Hardwood frames, with Environmentally Safe Finishes, Made in USA.  To support the framer we send a sticker along with every frame we ship, stating    “Your Frame Is, American Hardwood, Environmentally Safe Finishes, Made In The USA” for the back of every frame you deliver.

You can view most of our over 450 different “Verified Sustainable American Hardwood” frames mouldings from woods like Real Cherry, Real Walnut, Ash, Basswood, and Maple at our web site under online catalog at Or call 800-255-0535 for details on how you can become an Authorized Dealer today.  We now are developing a line of American Pines mouldings.

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Exciting News for 2007

You can’t imagine how excited I was when a rep from a resin manufacturer walked in our front door this spring.  They wanted us to try their new resin technology on our Real Solid American Hardwood mouldings.

We have spent the last 6 months developing new finishes around this 21st Century Technology, which resulted in the deepest, clearest, and richest finish I have ever seen.

This great new technology has allowed us to mix all of the finishes in house which gives us Total Control over our products. We manufacture only “Real Solid American Hardwoods Mouldings”   Made in USA.

This new resin technology allows us to recreate centuries old dye stain technology which is proven to give a very clear, rich finish. These Transparent Stains Enhance the Beauty, Character and Integrity of the Real Solid American Hardwoods.

We are also using New UV Blocking Technology to protect against harmful UV rays from sunlight and fluorescent lights.

This new resin technology allows us to offer our decorative ornamentation mouldings with Italian Gold or Silver finishes WITHOUT GESSO.

What does this all mean? We are offering the deepest clearest natural wood finishes available. (No printed wood image mouldings over Gesso which has become so common in the industry today.)   Just True wood finishes, where the Beauty, Character and Integrity of Real Solid American Hardwoods radiate.

To understand my passion for Real Solid American Hardwood Mouldings Made in USA look at our online catalog at, and then share this PASSION for the REAL THING with your customer.   

Call us at 800-255-0535 for more details or to order new wall samples.

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November, 2004

"Announcing the addition of the Value Line of products from Framerica Co."

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May, 2004

“Compo Just Got Better”

Topeka, Kansas

“Customers nationwide are requesting significantly more decorative framing options”, according to Bob Victor, President of Bob Victor's, Topeka, Kansas.

Victor stated many frame shops report poor quality wood and chipping with existing decorative moulding. He said many of these framers report that it is common to use the plaster type gesso and compo to provide the decorative design. Frequently many of the off shore manufactures use finger jointing and laminated woods to get the lengths and thickness of wood, which requires a gesso application to hide the finger joints. The gesso frequently chips and cracks when chopping or sawing.

Results of a recent third-party survey conducted for Bob Victor's by a University based research firm, found the demand for decorative moulding is growing. This supported the Bob Victor's desire to expand their operation with the addition of this unique Italian machinery to apply decorative designs to Solid non-finger jointed Native American hardwoods to provide the highest quality decorative framing products.

Victor is using this system to apply decorative designs using a wood fiber base material. According to Victor, unlike the traditional plaster based compo, this wood fiber material cuts like wood, finishes like wood and does not chip like the traditional plaster based compo which requires special handling during cutting, shipping and the assembling of the frame.

Bob Victor concluded, “after over 40 years in the U.S. framing industry by adding decorative wood fiber ornamentation (compo patterns) he can offer these patterns MADE IN USA. He will be setting high standards for these increasing popular decorative patterns. Bob Victor's now will fill this increasingly popular decorative niche.” with Made In USA products.

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